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Interactive: Climate time machine In this "Climate Time Machine," we show how some of the key indicators of climate change - such as temperature, sea ice extent and carbon dioxide concentrations - have changed in Earth's recent history. You can browse a gallery containing this interactive and others here. CO2peration - a 3D interactive climate science game - YouTube Everyone has an opinion about climate change—but few can explain how it really works. This game is designed to teach everyone the science of climate change—from star systems to molecules: the ... 19 Climate Games that Could Change the Future | Climate ... 19 Climate Games that Could Change the Future (Climate Interactive Blog) « Uma (in)certa antropologia says: March 23, 2012 at 11:12 pm […] things that we are learning from games, like Angry Birds, Farmville, World of Warcraft, and the existing efforts to integrate climate change into games. Understanding Food and Climate Change: An Interactive ...

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Sep 24, 2015 ... Why the culture of a company is so important for combatting climate change and ... VW's admission that they used a “defeat device” to game the ...

Meet the Creators of the 'Machine Learning President' Game Horvath and Anderson have designed and created several other scenario-planning games. One, called Climate Casino, asks players to organize themselves into hedge funds and place bets on climate The Carbon Cycle Game - Windows to the Universe The Carbon Cycle Game - Windows to the Universe Monte-Carlo Casino The Casino de Monte-Carlo is open to players from 2 pm until the last table closes. Restricted access – over 18’s only Proof of identity required. Tours : Every day, except during the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is open to groups and tours from 9 am till 13 pm only, so that games aren't disturbed. Entrance fee: €17

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Weather and Climate: 13 StudyJams! Interactive Science Activities. Through real-world examples presented in a multimedia format that kids enjoy, these 13 activities help students understand weather and climate, including seasons, clouds and precipitation, severe storms, oceans, tides, and the earth's atmosphere. ClimateChangeLIVE - Activities

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